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About Me

My name is Wilmien and I am a Holistic Nutrition Wellness Coach specialising in food addiction, obesity and natural health.


I know first-hand the struggle of emotional eating, food addiction, obesity, depression, chronic inflammation, no energy, and the added effects of high stress, trauma, and poor overall health. Being stuck in a downward spiral that feels impossible to escape. Not having the energy to get up or make a decision, and no power to fight the status quo.

Feeling like a failure, I was trapped in a vicious cycle that I could not escape for over 20 years. It was a never-ending cycle of weight loss and gaining it all back plus more and the consequences that came with it.


But what if I tell you it is not your fault? 

Yes, you had a role to play but not nearly as much as you think.  I wish I knew this long ago.


My fat story began in my mid-twenties after years of severely restrictive diets.

My drugs of choice were soda drinks and savoury carbs.


I looooove food, and the mind battles of going on another diet were more defeating than encouraging, especially because I’ve tried them all.

For years I was only surviving, not thriving. At my heaviest, I weighed 122kg in my 30’s and 40’s. 

But today, I'm proud to say that I've lost 45kg and I feel healthier and more vibrant in my early fifties than in years prior.

I was desperate and determined to break free from this food bondage.

At my Biohacking Wellness practice, I encountered numerous individuals dealing with the same challenges around food and struggling to find sustainable sources of assistance.

During hard times, I discovered a recurring pattern of isolating myself, which always led to 'fatsetbacks; normal for any addict.

Given the multiple health issues I faced as a result of my weight, age, and premature menopause, shedding 45 kilograms is a remarkable testimony of our amazing design inherent in all human beings.

​If I could do it, so can you!

You just need to be equipped and find the right support to do this.  

I do not believe in deprivation or giving

up the things we love. We just need to

be smarter.

It is about saying YES to YOURSELF

and to LIFE! 

It is about, not giving up in the failures

but getting up and showing up courageously 


It is about adding one thing to another until…..

You hold the keys to your own Transformation, you can do this!

I am passionate about helping others win this battle, because I know how defeating it can be. I understand the struggles, the shame, the

disappointment, and the feeling of powerlessness.

Over and above personal experience, I embarked on an educational

journey to acquire knowledge and understanding, with the aim of empowering both myself and others. Some of my formal studies were with the Naturopathic
college of New Zealand.

So, if you're ready to break free from the toxic cycles and find your True Design;

I invite you Join me on a journey to reclaim your life, health and the joy of living!

L'Chaim!!  - [To life]

"The body can heal itself, if given the right conditions" - Barbara O`Neil

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