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About You

You are a masterpiece, intricately designed and crafted with precision and care.

If you gaze with childlike wonder into your physiology, you will be in awe by the sheer brilliance of your True design

Initially formed from only two cells, you now have an intricate network of
trillions of cells working in harmony to sustain life and enable you to function. 

But life distracts us from appreciating this miracle
You were Designed to have 


Time to take back your


Baby feet in parent hands (1).png
Image by Sebastian Garcia

 My Dream for you

May you find the courage to break toxic patterns in your life that does not serve you.

May you restore to yourself the gift of life.... it is within reach.

May you make time to reflect and reset.

May you learn to cherish the value of your inner biology that is trying so hard to keep you alive.

May you embrace your magnificent True Design.

May you love yourself into healing